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#FreelancingFAIL: 6 Mindsets and Behaviors That Cause Freelancers to Struggle & How to Overcome Them

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#FreelancingFAIL is a resource for freelancers of all disciplines who need a breakthrough to the next level of their business careers.

#FreelancingFAIL combines comic strips and 6 well-researched in-depth articles that not only warn you about what not to do, but equip its reader to gain repeat business, overcome the threat of automation, and so much more!

"In almost twenty years freelancing, I have made just about every mistake a freelancer can make." Samax says, "In this book I share what I have learned in my research, and under the guidance and tutelage of some of the brightest minds in business.

This is a 70+ page training manual on freelancing, written in conversational English, with comic strips!"

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