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GhettoManga Quarterly: Manchild


IN THIS ISSUE: *MANCHILD by Samax Amen- In this corner we have a pissed off three-year-old with a thirty eight revolver. In the other corner, we have a cybernetically enhanced retrieval team hellbent on bring the kid back to... whatever...

*IF I WAS DICK by Joshua Boulet- Let me just say this: Dick Chaney is SO gangster... you don't even KNOW!!!

*PYROTECHNIC PORNO BABIES: YETI SPERM by Brock Rizy - no, that's not a typo. There really is a comic in this issue starring the super-short geniuses that the mayor calls to tackle problems too OFFENSIVE for the regular authorities handle!

We also have a review and an eight page preview of FELIPE SMITH'S groundbreaking culture clash manga PEEPO CHOO in our Right-to-Left section, courtesy of Verticle.

All that PLUS Corance's Top 5, BegBorrowSteal, Movies That Should Be Comics, and more!