GhostWerks Comics #1

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This classic and super rare 48 page black and white anthology is the PERFECT way to get acquainted with the GhostWerks crew, the originators of GhettoManga!

-"Ghostbusted" by Samax Amen and Michael Lagocki
*** Boo (a harmless comics and hip hop loving ghost) has his afterlife disrupted when a new family moves into his dusty old home and discover him "haunting" the attic and decide to call some ghost exterminators who look strangely similar to Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Dr Dre. A light-hearted dialogue-free tale in the tradition of those priceless Roadrunner vs Coyote and Tom 'n Jerry cartoons.

-"Champion of Children: The Next Day" by Corance Davis and Samax Amen
*** In the aftermath of her battle with Kurtt the Hurtt and Coach Rasslin, Lil Madd Skillz's parents come to the school to talk to the Principal. Since her mom taught her everything she knows about super-powered martial arts, the Champ just hopes her mom can keep her temper in check!

- "Test Subject: A" by Michael Lagocki and Khalid Robertson
*** In a chance encounter, Anne meets the mysterious animal rights vigilante known only as A. As we get a look at his unbelievable origin, we can only ask, how will his fast friendship with Anne change A, and how far will he go to help caged and mistreated animals?

-"DARE! Ten Minutes and Counting" Our fearless teenaged friend Darius Davidson finds himself kidnapped along with a bickering married couple by mad scientist Doctor Bombay. He awakes to find he has ten minutes to escape his bonds, defuse a bomb and save himself and the couple from Bombay's murderous henchkids... if the couple don't kill each other first!

-"Introducing TOHO the PACIFIST" by Michael Lagocki.
*** Toho the Polar Bear just wants to give peace a chance, but his master Toadstool has entered him in a death match with Darkshadow Deathclaw Man on the gambling planet Vega.